Amazing revolutional “Battenice” Quantum battery from Japan


Japanese Kabushiki Kaisha Nihon Micronics invented new type revolutionary rechargeable battery named “Battenice”. Specs of battenice are followings can you believe this information?

Features of Battenice

(1) High safety
Material is non-flammable , it is extremely safe combustion or thermal runaway does not occur even in short circuit and overcharge . Since no exothermic little in charge and discharge , can be widely used for indoor and outdoor applications.

(2)Long life
Not cause a deterioration even after repeated charge and discharge of more than 100,000 times , long-term use is possible. To reduce the frequency of replacement by life , providing a maintenance-free for that.

Because of its characteristics significantly above the conventional secondary battery , power density , is capable of rapid charging and discharging . Toward mass production , we are working to further improve the power density . In mass production , the times of the secondary battery conventional high performance
I can achieve a power density of more than .

(4)Environmental performance
Because it does not use hazardous or harmful substances in the raw materials , but has a high environmental performance. In addition , it is not using the scarce resources , you can stable product supply future .

(5)Sheet structure
Higher voltage is easy by laminating a sheet . In addition, the application in accordance with the device shape is possible, I will achieve the applications that are not in the conventional secondary battery .

You can see prototype of Battenice at Battery Japan event from 26 – 28th Feb. at Tokyo Big Site.


Japazine will continue to report this amazing battery to you. Stay tuned.