Aereo TV Streaming Comes to Google Chromecast

Internet television streaming service Aereo has finally landed on Google’s Chromecast. The app, which received an update Thursday enabling Chromecast support, allows users to stream live television broadcasts through Google’s $35 HDMI dongle without having to pay a cable or satellite provider. (Aereo service starts at $8 per month.) Aereo was already available on Roku streaming boxes.

Getting access to live TV is easy. Aereo’s antenna and DVR cloud lets you tune in, set future recordings, and watch TV — whenever. There’s no waiting around, no hardware to install, and nothing to receive in the mail. Just sign in and start watching. Find out more about Aereo and how you can get access to live TV online:

With Chromecast, users can cast to their TVs any Aereo shows they are watching on an Android device, a PC or a Mac.

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Aereo to suspend service at 11:30 EST today: