How to read Japan Train Maps? – I have a good idea to introduce you!

Japan is No.1 country full of Train Shinkansen Subway Streetcar…. so almost Foreigners visit Japan will confused to ride. but we japanese are also confuse because there are so many train maps in Japan.

OK I have a very good idea to show you Gaijin mainly who can read English. I recommend to install this app [NAVITIME for Japan Travel]. It is very cool app to search you several route to destination.

You can get iOS version and Android version from following site.



NAVITIME for Japan Travel:

The transportation system in Japan, including one of the largest metropolises, Tokyo, is so complicated that it is difficult to go around on your own, but it has many attractions. Our app, NAVITIME for Japan Travel, will resolve the following problems which are commonly faced by overseas tourists.

[NAVITIME for Japan Travel] basic version is Free of charge. so have a good trip in Japan!