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APPLE CAMPUS 2 September 2016 Construction Update 4K – Solar Panels Installation beginning
Transparent solar panels are 50 times more productive than regular photovoltaics
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You can make “Pokemon Hunter” (Hanger) only 1$ :-) Let’s go to Pokemon Hunting journey
Nissan engineers built a LEAF prototype with a 48 kWh battery pack – Double from my 24KWh Battery!
Here’s video of Facebook’s internet-beaming solar-powered airplane in flight
Long awaited “Pokemon GO” distribution has begun in Japan! – McDonald prepares 3000 gyms at now
Pokemon Go and McDonald? – When Will It Release In Japan? – Japanese Gamers are very angry :-)
Wow! Mercedes plans to unveil tesla rival EV concept at paris motorshow 2016
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Tesla UAE meeting in Abu Dhabi at Yas Mall June 1st, 2016 – They are testing Autopilot system in new city
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President Obama in Hiroshima calls for ‘world without nuclear weapons’
Facebook Messenger Bots for WordPress is Available! – Allo is waiting for you :-)