Hyperloop One unveils the design of its terminal or ‘Hyperportal’
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“Star Wars” Medley [STAR WARS] Electone performance – Japanese Young Girl play this!
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Long awaited “Pokemon GO” distribution has begun in Japan! – McDonald prepares 3000 gyms at now
Pokemon Go and McDonald? – When Will It Release In Japan? – Japanese Gamers are very angry :-)
WoW!! Zenbo The Human Robot – Your Smart Little Companion from ASUS
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Lumir C: Candle Powered LED Lamp will save the people in the dark
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Domino’s Australia launches world’s first pizza delivery robot – which uses military laser technology to navigate the streets
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IBM WATSON – “Coping with Humans” A Support Group for Bots
Atlas, The Next Generation Human Robot – Are you ready to change your jobs?
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Elementary School Lunch in Japan – It’s Not Just About Eating!
Hackschooling makes me happy – Logan LaPlante 13 years old (at the time) boy made a free school
In boost to self-driving cars, U.S. tells Google computers can qualify as drivers
Raspberry Pi 2 Ubuntu MATE – Better for me than Raspbian?
The 10 Snowiest Cities On Earth – Amazing!  Japanese cities have dominated the top 3
Now you can print your FACE or MESSAGES on a cafe latte
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Meet CHiP: The World’s First Lovable Robot Dog – Do you remember dog robot AIBO?
Gatebox – Hologram Communication Robot – Whether the wife unnecessary era comes?
Uber and Carnegie Mellon Developing Driverless Cars – Can We Get Kintoun?
Kisses in Tokyo – ili (Wearable Translator) by Logbar in Japan
Mahindra’s new scooter is a cloud-connected joy ride – Will Genze 2.0 beat Honda,Yamaha scooters?
Audi just 3D printed a mini 1936 Grand Prix race car
Volkswagen Budd-e Concept: 373-Mile, All-Electric Van Signals The Future
CES 2016 Lunches – Cars, TVs, All devices will be Reinvented
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How Coca-Cola Profited From Another Company’s Mistake – Celebrating 100 years of history
These pencils sprout vegetables – Finaly they can be planted to become vegetables or herbs
Amazing! Now 95% of British people buy goods via internet retailers
Fast Food Companies Develop Robots – Hamburger and Coffee…..etc
Tokyo Named The World’s Top City For Quality Of Life – Monocle magazine selected
Meet Sawyer – The Newest Smart, Collaborative Robot from Rethink Robotics
“BLACK” Twice the world Yo-Yo champion – We Japanese are proud of him
Microsoft’s Lumia 950 and 950XL bring Windows 10 to big little screens
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$85 ASUS and Google Chromebit officially launched – As poorman’s PC?
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NWU Solar Car – Bridgestone World Solar Challenge at Darwin Australia