2017 Toyota S-FR compact RWD 2+2 coupe design Concept
Triumph Of The Nerds – The Histrical Documentary Film by Robert X. Cringely
HUDWAY Glass: keeps your eyes on the road while driving
Elon Musk is getting self-driving car ideas from a Will Smith movie :-)
NISSAN announced new “LEAF” which improved current cruising distance up to 20%
Sharp is making an adorable bipedal robot phone called RoboHon
Amazon Launched Prime Instant Video now in Japan – Fun! Fun! Fun!
Foldscope: Microscopy for everyone – Foldscope in the Amazon Rainforest
The All-New 2016 Toyota Prius – Rethink everything of Hybrid Cars
TOYOTA’s  ‘aerocar’ Patent reveals plans for a flying vehicle resembling a multiplane
Apple’s new upgrade program makes it easy to buy an iPhone every year
Sake and Japanese – How Japanese brew Sake for 2000 years
Kotaro Kiyomiya – The Super Insane 16-year-old baseball boy in Japan
Japanese Hot Springs Maintain Serenity With Nissan Leaf Electric Cars
Android One: Apni Kismat Apne Haath
See the world in your language with Google Translate
“BUDDY” the Robot wakes you up in the morning and checks turned off the oven at outdoor
World Smallest Car “WalkCar” – A New Car in Your Handy Bag from Japan
Spigen Stealth Car Mount with All SmartPhones – I bought this one
Really? This drivable car was 3D printed in 44 hours
OLYMPUS AIR A01 – A New Concept of Camera Smartphone of Intelligence
GoPro’s Hero 4 Session is a tiny little cube
2016 Chevrolet Bolt EV – Official Review
DRY-WiFi40c – The WiFi Drive Recorder from YUPITERU in Japan
Google’s adorable self-driving cars are now on public roads in Mountainview
Google launches free streaming service ahead of Apple Music debut
Mcbike – McDonald’s new packaging has one amazing feature
ZipChip ‘The New Way to Play’ by ZipChip Sports
Changing global agriculture By SenSprout – New technoloy Sensor from Japan
Musio The Robot who Can Control Your Home and Give Hugs
Can you use Japanese HASHI well? – Begin Japanology Chopsticks
YASKAWA BUSHIDO PROJECT – Industrial Robot vs Sword Master
Blu Homes Dream Home in Los Angeles – How about to live Folded home?
Ecocapsule – independent off-grid micro-living on Earth
Linear Liner – World First Over 500Km/h Linear Toy Maglev from Japan
B-Unstoppable World First Flying Tank Drone full performance
The world’s most wearable camera – Narrative Clip2
Green lights for self-driving vehicle prototypes – Google Car drive soon in California
Tiny robots climb walls carrying more than 100 times their weight
PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Now Onsale
Toyota Prius Plug-In Production To End In June; New One Coming Next Year
The Amazing Japanese Toilet – Two guys introduce Japanese toilet life
Wow!! Tesla Model S fully controlled by Apple Watch
Cicret Bracelet – Make Your Skin to Your New Smart Phone
Microsoft’s Edge browser can steal Chrome and Firefox extensions
Festo – FlexShapeGripper for any Robots
Wow! Is this True? MODA™ by FOREO, the world’s first digital makeup artist
Wow!! Appeared “Godzilla head” of life-size in Shinjuku Kabukicho Japan
Facebook brings families together around new Scrapbook feature
Yaskawa Motoman Dual Arm Robot cooking an Egg Sandwich