Sakura is now in full bloom in Tokyo – Everyone is enjoying ”Hanami Party” under the cherry blossoms
ZANO is a SKY SELFIE MICRO-DRONE that flies itself around you
Bluesmart – The World’s First Smart Connected Carry-on Suitcase
Calbee “Jagabee” Japanese Potato Snack of original taste potatoes
Calbee “Jagariko” Japanese Potato Best Selling Snack with many taste
Orphe: smart-LEDshoes for artists and performers
“Simeji” Japanese character input & Emoji Keyboard for iOS/Android (^_^)/
You can use Free Internet in Tokyo – Japan Connected Free WiFi and Tokyo Metro subway Free WiFi
The Cicret Bracelet: Like a tablet…but on your skin
SIGFOX extends the scope of connectivity by 2/3/4G – What will YOU connect?
Plum blossoms are in full bloom at “Dazaifu Tenmangu” Kyushu Japan
Mazda New CX-3 to be diesel-only in Japanese home market
Xiaomi launches GoPro video camera rival at a fraction of the cost
ULTIMATE SMART BBQ VEHICLE – The Perfect EV for Barbecue? from NISSAN
Wishbone: The World’s Smallest Smart Thermometer
“Fukubukuro” 2015 Kawaii Lucky Bag in Japan Unboxing
Angry Birds Air Swimmers TURBO a package from Auntie Brenda
Meet Universal Mobile Keyboard – For Windows/iOS/Android from Microsoft
You can get young impression “-5 years” with Prima Vista Cosmetic
International “WASHOKU” Show 2015 Exhibition will open soon! in Japan
Calbee Potato Chips – Harvest the Power of Nature
WoW Amazing! Case turns touchscreen into keyboard that bubbles up
“RULO” Triangle shape Robot vacuum cleaner from Panasonic
“View Master” A new way to explore and discover the world around you
Ninebot One – An intelligent and fashionable personal transportation tool
30 unexpected things you can only see in Japan
“Pretty Good Number One: An American Family Eats Tokyo” – My home town Nakano
“Setsubun” – Oni wa Soto!–the Bean-Throwing Festival of Japan
Airbus’ Beluga: Giant of the skies set to get even larger
BEGIN Japanology – Awesome Convenience Stores And Products
“DAREMA”  Japanese Traditional Wish Doll – mainly made in Takasaki Japan
Google’s modular Project Ara smartphone will begin pilot testing in Puerto Rico later this year
Why do Japanese people sleep on the train? – Unusual County Japan :-)
Yudetama-Gokko Animal Egg Moulds – Japanese KAWAII Bento Weapon
Meet Gogoro, the outrageous electric scooter from HTC group
Andromium (OS/Platform) – The Next Evolution in Computing
Making Japanese New Years MOCHITSUKI – What is MOCHI?
Casio Exilim EX-FR10, wearable-lens camera for photo enthusiasts looking for a new angle on selfies
First Ever! “Street Kendama World Congress 2014” Championship
Cycleplex – The Weird, Wild World of Google Bikes
Touch gloves – Possible to manipulate the smartphone even fitted gloves
The simplest phone among  various type of Skype Phones – “Skype Desktop Phone”
“CUP NOODLE MUSEUM” – The World No.1 Cup Ramen Musium in Yokohama Japan
Crazy!? “SATIS” A Smartphone-Controlled Toilet from LIXIL in Japan
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Meet ZANO the world’s most sophisticated selfie nano drone
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