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Hyperloop One unveils the design of its terminal or ‘Hyperportal’
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Tesla/SolarCity’s ‘Solar Roof’ is not a solar shingle but ‘very similar’ to Forward’s solar roofing
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Mobile First to AI First! – Google’s Pixel phone event in 10 minutes and Full video
Google Trips – It’s a big world! Exploring it just got easier
APPLE CAMPUS 2 September 2016 Construction Update 4K – Solar Panels Installation beginning
Transparent solar panels are 50 times more productive than regular photovoltaics
World’s first self-driving taxi trial begins in Singapore – Not Uber or Lyft
Goodbye RIO! Preparation of the Tokyo Olympic games 2020 begun from today
Musk sees Tesla’s future: Trucks, transit and solar in a push to sustainability
This automated store in Sweden doesn’t have any human employees — only a smartphone app
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Inside the Gigafactory, Where Tesla is Building its Future – 100Gwh production in 2020
You can make “Pokemon Hunter” (Hanger) only 1$ :-) Let’s go to Pokemon Hunting journey
Long awaited “Pokemon GO” distribution has begun in Japan! – McDonald prepares 3000 gyms at now
Pokemon Go and McDonald? – When Will It Release In Japan? – Japanese Gamers are very angry :-)
Uber hired a robot to patrol its parking lot and it’s way cheaper than a security guard – Human guards lost their jobs
Hyperloop Comptition – Revealing the Future of Transportation
APPLE CAMPUS 2: July 2016 Construction Update – Will comprete in End of 2016?
Introducing SpotMini – A smaller version of the Spot robot from Boston Dynamics
BYD electric bus in usa – Now BYD is No.1 Company of EV bus market in the World
Tesla UAE meeting in Abu Dhabi at Yas Mall June 1st, 2016 – They are testing Autopilot system in new city
The Moley Robotic Kitchen – Wow we can hire the world’s best robot chef
Take a peek inside Nevada’s new solar farm that generates power 24/7 with Molten Solt
WoW!! Zenbo The Human Robot – Your Smart Little Companion from ASUS
Zipline Delivering Service – Their Drone has saved the lives of people in Rwanda
Toyota is closing in on a deal to buy Google’s robotics company Boston Dynamics, and the ‘ink is nearly dry’
Apple just revealed the future of its retail stores in San Francisco – CDO Jonathan Ive Designed
Tesla Model S Picks Owner up in the Rain using the new Summon Feature
Knocki is the 21st century Clapper – Easy new way to control many devices
OTTO – Google veterans head off on their own to work on self-driving trucks
Google I/O 2016 – Opens May 18–20, 2016 Shoreline Amphitheatre Mountain View, California
The True Story of Nikola Tesla [Part1&2] –  You can learn all about amazing his idea!
Apple Campus 2 drone flyover shows progress on the Theatre, solar panels, R&D facility & more
Car2Go and the Egotism of the Sharing Economy – Daimler expands service area in USA
How Amazon Will Kill Your Local Grocer – Amazon rolls out food deliver service in USA
Tesla Autopilot – Dubai’s First Driverless Car Experience
DSE 2015: 4D Retail Technology Demos Interactive V-Wall and 4D Spade Genius
These futuristic driverless pods will run on Singapore’s roads by end of the year
McDonald’s shoots down fears it is planning to replace cashiers with kiosks
New Segway transforms into a cute robot companion when you’re not riding it
Lumir C: Candle Powered LED Lamp will save the people in the dark
Microsoft Translator: License to Translate – You can speak any language on Earth! :-)
APPLE CAMPUS 2: April 2016 Construction Update 4K – Curved glass has been incorporated
Virtual Desktop 1.0 – Now available on Steam – Guy Godin did it on Oculus Rift VR system
April Fool? – Tesla Model 3 Lines in USA – Longer than the line of Apple iPhone? :-)
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