Welcome to JAPAZINE STORE! a small store sells excellent products of Japan.
This page shows you how to use JAPAZINE STORE.

How to be a Member of JAPAZINE STORE?

1. Go to JAPAZINE STORE via your browser

2. Sign In as a member

Please click [Sign In] icon at the top right of the screen.




3. If you are already a member of JAPAZINE STORE please Sign in with [Your Email address+Password]


3a. If you have lost your Password, Please click [Lost your password?] icon.


You can  get a Email from JAPAZINE STORE then can get new password to Login.

4. If you want to be a New Member of JAPAZINE STORE, Please click [Enroll as New Member Here]


Soon you have [New Enrollment Form] as follows.


Please complete your information to each section by English.

Items marked with * (Asterisk) is required.

Each of information are  necessary to smooth delivery.

(Sorry we can not determine your gender)

After filling out this form please check [I’m not a robot] to confirm your registration.

If you are a Japanese people or a USA people please select [Country name] + [State] from Select box.

Other countries no need.

After complete the Form you can see following screen message and you will receive a Email titled [Thank you for joining JAPAZINE STORE].


Please enjoy your shopping.

How to buy items in JAPAZINE STORE?

1. Please select the item you want to buy.



2. Check the price of item and confirm the quantity.

After confirm, please click on the “Add to Shopping Cart” icon.


3. Check your wanted item in Your Cart.

Confirm your wanted item is in Your Cart.

If all information is correct please click [Next] icon to proceed.




4. Confirm  [Shipping Address] , [Shipping Option] , [payment method] accurately.

Please confirm your Shipping Address to deliver, default address is same as your Customer Information already registered.

About [Shipping Option], please select [International Delivery].

About [payment method], please check [PayPal] radio button. We only support PayPal.


After confirmed please click [Next] icon.

*If you are a Japanese people and live in Japan please select [国内宅急便] at Shipping Option to deliver.







5. Please check [Customer Information], [Shipping Address Information], [Others] then click [PayPal Check out] icon. all done. 


5. You will automatically go to PayPal payment screen. 

Please check all information on screen and click [Pay with my PayPal account].

PayPal will ask you your PayPal account. Please login with your account and pay it.



All of the payment process is complete.

You will receive Payment completion Email from JAPAZINE STORE and PayPal.

Thank you.